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Icelandic avantgarde electronic trio Stilluppsteypa, featuring Heimir Bjorgulfsson, worked out a Dadaistic multi-layered style of soundsculpting that contrasted with the horror or high-brow trends of the era. After the cartoonish The Best Pet Possible (Staalplaat, 1997), Reduce by Reducing (Fire, 1998) and Interferences Are Often Requested (Ritornell, 1999) were the classic formulations of their (sarcastic) philosophy of sound. Not a Laughing Matter But Rather a Matter of Laughs (Fire, 2000) and Stories Part Five (Ritornell, 2001) were the last albums as a trio.

After the departure of Heimir Bjorgulfsson, Stilluppsteypa was pared down to the duo of Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson and Helgi Thorsson that released Immediate Past Is Of No Interest To Us (2002) and Stilluppsteypa (Atak, 2004). They also recorded a trilogy with Benny Nilsen: Vikinga Brennivin (2005), Drykkjuvisur Ohljodanna (Helen Scarsdale Agency, 2006) and Passing Out (The Helen Scarsdale Agency, 2008).

Stillupsteypa's Heimir Bjorgulfsson also released Unspoken Word Tour (Brombron, 2002), a collaboration with multimedia artist Jonas Ohlsson, and the EP Machine Natura (Staalplaat).

Stilluppsteypa's Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson Ship (Trente Oiseaux, 2001), This One Comes Highly Recommended (Fire Inc, 2002), A Little Lost (Bottrop-Boy, 2003).

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