Suicide Commando
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Suicide Commando is the project of Belgium's electronic musician Johan Van Roy, who began releasing cassettes in 1986 but soon became part of Belgium's EBM scene with Critical Stage (Offbeat, 1994), The brutal style of Traumatise, Necrophillia and Where Do We Go From Here bridged the gap between techno, industrial and gothic the way Belgium had been doing for a decade.

Suicide Commando's masterpiece is probably Stored Images (1995), that features a more personal sound and includes a few of Van Roy's classics: See You In Hell, Murder, T.V. Obsession, Intercourse, Save Me.

Construct/Destruct (1998) was, instead, a major disappointment, despite the club hits Desire and Better Off Dead. Even its remix album, Reconstruction (1998), sounded better.

Chromdioxyde 1 (1999) is a limited-edition compilation of demos.

Mindstrip (Metropolis, 2000) marked a return to form and displayed a mature and eclectic author, who runs the gamut from the traditional sound (Comatose Delusion, Love Breeds Suicide), sophisticated arrangements (Jesus Wept, Body Count Proceed, Mind Stripper), gothic nightmares (Hellraiser) and raw violence (Raise Your God).

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