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Hit Songs For Girls , 6/10
Bastardsong , 6/10

The Vancouver (Canada) ensemble Superconductor, led by singer Carl Newman, boasts one of the most bizarre line-ups on record (six guitars, two basses, drums) and plays an equally bizarre brand of melodic hard rock. The tuneful single Murderlizer (Scratch, 1991) announced a pack of merry pranksters, but the EP Heavy With Puppy (Boner, 1992) upped the ante with songs that were more than mere novelties (Satori Part One, Bushpilot), not to mention the curiously shaped instrumentals (Riffmania, Clamhammer). The band layers hostile sounds on top of memorable tunes.

Their method is in full bloom on Hit Songs For Girls (Boner, 1993), a collection of surreal ballads in the vein of the Flaming Lips (Scootin, E-Z Bake Oven, There Goes Helen), except for the mammoth Feedbackin', a trance a` la Earth.

The catchy single Strip Oracle (Mute, 1995) announced a new band, trimmed down to seven members, that recorded the Bastardsong (Boner, 1996), a rock opera with synthesizers and a collage approach.

Carl Newman formed Zumpano.

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