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Sinflower , 6/10

Tch (an acronym that stands for This Crepuscular Hour) is the Australian duo of Eryn Tooney (violin) and Peter Breuer (keyboards), who debuted with the compilation track Babel Over Babylon and the 26-minute mini-album Abutilon (Dorobo). The full-length Sinflower (Dorobo, 1997) is a shimmering textbook on sound manipulation of ethnic percussions, vocal samples, natural sounds and background ambience. Chemycal is the standout track. Unfortunately, too many tracks wander aimlessly and their composure is mere artifice. (Translated by Nicola Mecca)

Tch (acronimo di This Crepuscular Hour) un duo australiano composto da Eryn Tooney (violino) e Peter Breuer (tastiere). Debutta con Babel Over Babylon e il mini-album da 26 minuti Abutilon (Dorobo). Lalbum Sinflower (Dorobo, 1997) un brillante trattato sulla manipolazione sonora di percussioni etniche, campionamenti vocali, suoni naturali e rumori di sottofondo. Chemycal il capolavoro. Sfortunatamente troppe tracce vagano senza meta e la loro eleganza si risolve spesso in mero artificio.

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