Telstar Ponies
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In The Space Of Few Minutes , 5.5/10
Voices From The New Music , 6/10
Phantom Engineer , 5/10

Telstar Ponies, formed in 1994 by singer and guitarist David Keenan, are heir to the great Scottish school of noise-rock (Jesus And Mary Chain and Primal Scream) with roots in the Scottish school of Brit-pop (drummer Brendan O'Hare used to be in Teenage Fanclub).

THey debuted with the single Maps And Starcharts (Fire, 1994). The following single, Not Even Starcrossed (Fire, 1995), marked the entrance of guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Devine.

And Devine's The Moon Is Not A Puzzle is the highlight of In The Space Of Few Minutes (Instant Mayhem, 1996), an album that stretches the boundaries of psychedelic-rock with drummer Brendan O'Hare's kraut-rock homages Innerhalb Weniger Minuten and Lugengeschichte, although most songs are still timid ditties like Her Name.

The EP Mors factum Musica (Instant Mayhem, 1996) includes the 12-minute psychedelic epic Does Your Heart Have Wings and shows tremendous progress.

With the addition of keyboardist Richard Youngs and a wealth of instrumentation (Devine plays piano, tin whistle, metal percussion, violin, chanting, tin-can, headphones, keyboard, hairbrush, gong, while Keenan plays bowed guitar, mandolin, bucket, keys, bells, amp-heat, reverb unit, glove, whistling, bottle-opener, tremolo, bottle, etc), second album Voices From The New Music (Fire, 1997) bent heavily towards free-jazz, German avant-rock and Japanese noise-rock. Devine's Brewery Of Eggshells is the most accessible track, but the core of the album is elsewhere. Tracks: Bells For Albert Ayler, Voices From The New Music, Last Outpost, Shizuka, A Little Cloud, Aegis Falling, Sail Her On, A Feather On The Breath, demented, seven-minute, The Fall Of Little Summer, Does Your Heart Have Wings?, Song Of Ansuz, La Vienna,

Before the album was released, O'Hare and Laird had already left to start Macrocosmica, and months later O'Hare joined Mogwai.

David Keenan then recorded the autobiographic concept album Phantom Engineer (Paperhouse, 1999), mostly improvised with a new trio.

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