Three Second Kiss
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For Pain Relief (1996), 6/10
Everyday Everyman (1998), 5.5/10
Focal Point (1999), 6.5/10 (EP)
Music Out Of Music (2003), 5/10

The Italian band Three Second Kiss (Sergio Carlini on guitar, Massimo Mosca on bass and vocals, Lorenzo Fortini on drums) devoted For Pain Relief (Lollypop, 1996) to free-form noise-rock, somewhere between Slint, Fugazi and Old Time Relijun.

Without reneging on this manifesto, the live in the studio Everyday Everyman (Wide, 1998) was surprisingly melodic and cohesive.

The trio reached a mature balance between innovation and structure with the four jams, recorded live in the studio, of the EP Focal Point (Slowdime, 1999), particularly the claustrophobic Smoke Made My Eyes Water.

But Music Out Of Music (Slowdime, 2003) seemed to recycle post-rock stereotypes without verve or imagination.

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