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Wheel , 6/10
321 Normal 2 , 6/10

Thule was a British ensemble that released two EPs, Dr Lloyd (Crain, 1988) and La Jamais Contente (Wiiija, 1989), and two albums Wheel (Wiiija, 1990) and 321 Normal 2 (Clay, 1993), before disappearing. Their music was wildly original, crossing Kraftwerk, Tackhead and Chrome, electronica, ambient and dub. On the latter album Murderball and the ambient suites We Is You Am and Skyscraper predate styles of the following decade. Attraverso gli EP Dr Lloyd (Crain, 1988) e La Jamais Contente (Wiiija, 1989), e gli album Wheel (Wiiija, 1990) e 321 Normal 2 (Clay, 1993), i Thule hanno tracciato una delle traiettorie piu` violentemente sperimentali, al confine fra Kraftwerk, Tackhead e Chrome. Sul secondo album svettano Murderball e le suite ambientali di We Is You Am e Skyscraper.
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