Tone Rec
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Thugny Thugny , 5/10
Pholcus , 7/10
Coucy-Pack , 6/10
Dat Politics: Tracto Flirt , 6/10
Dat Politics: Villiger , 6/10
Dat Politics: Sous-hit , 6/10
Dat Politics: Plugs Plus , 6/10

Tone Rec are a French quartet that mediates between German post-rock (Mouse On Mars, Tarwater, Oval, Tied & Tickled Trio, To Rococo Rot) and French musique concrete of the 1950s.

Thugny Thugny (Sub Rosa, 1997) was a timid debut, but digitized noise, hypnotic loops, raw statics, dub-like bass chords, post-techno beats populate Pholcus (Sub Rosa, 1998) to the point that compositions like Pholcus, Voice Onset Time and Parallel Distributed Processing are Frankenstein's equivalent of free-jazz group improvisation.

The sonic stew is more refined on Coucy-Pack (Sub Rosa, 1999) and tracks like A Mini Farcstt and Parka Bodl can be said to be atmospheric. Tone Rec's fusion of Morton Subotnick (Portable) and Spring Heel Jack (Ten) is unique, if not always spectacular.

The mini-album Demo Pack Demoli (Sub Rosa, 2000) collects remixes and four unreleased (dance) tracks that do not bode well for the future.

Tone Rec's side-project Dat Politics (launched at the end of 1998) specializes in oddly playful, almost satirical, digital/laptop/glitch post-rock electronica that artfully juxtaposes melody and noise. Tracto Flirt (Skipp, 1999 - Tigerbeat6, 2000), Villiger (A-Musik, 1999), Sous-hit (Digital Narcis, 2000), are manic exercises in anti-electronic music. Fourth album Plugs Plus (Chicks On Speed, 2002) veered towards a poppier sound while retaining the comic folly of their collages (Re-Folk, Pie, Tout Bleu). Pass Our Class features Matmos on vocals and Kid 606 on keyboards.

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