Trash Can Sinatras
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Cake , 5/10
I've Seen Everything , 6/10
A Happy Pocket , 5/10

Among late purveyors of Scotland's "twee-pop", the Trash Can Sinatras were the most obviously derivative of Aztec Camera but also the least tedious. The singles from debut album Cake (Go Discs, 1990), were refreshing and intriguing. It took three years to follow up that album, but I've Seen Everything (Go Discs, 1993) was probably worth the wait, if you are into majestic pop. Obscurity Knocks and Only Tongue Can Tell, the singles, pale in comparison with the sophisticated arrangements of songs like Hayfever. Artificial and vain, the Trash Can Sinatras' ditties were nonetheless more elaborate than the average. Another three-year hiatus gave the band time to sculpt the songs of A Happy Pocket (Go Discs, 1996). (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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