Twisted Science
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Blown , 7/10
The Sharpest Tool In The Box , 6/10
Deep and Warm , 5/10

Twisted Science is the project of British disc jockey Jon Tye, who started by making ambient-house remixes with MLO and 2Player. Twisted Science was born with the EPs Freedom of Noise (Leaf, 1995) and Cold Fusion (Leaf, 1996), two milestones of post-dance dance-music. Twisted Science is to techno what Sonic Youth is to rock and roll. The fury of hard-core techno is brutalized by layers of abrasive electronica, distorted hip-hop beats, jungle polyrhythms, industrial cacophony. Ruthless and unrelenting, his wall of noise is even more experimental than Spring Heel Jack or Squarepusher, often recalling the free-form Einsturzende Neubaten

The EP Slack Dog (Lo, 1996) is a side project, but no less dissonant.

The albums Blown (Lo, 1997) and The Sharpest Tool In The Box (Lo, 1998) are Tye's most profound reflections on the art of dance music.

Surprisingly, Twisted Science's third full-length, Deep and Warm (Lo, 1999), is a disco-friendly ambient psychedelic collage.

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