Voices Of Kwahn
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Rebirth , 6.5/10
Silver Bowl Transmission , 6.5/10
Peninsular Enclosure , 6/10
Operation Dismantled Sun , 6/10

Voices Of Kwahn are American vocalist (and performance artist) Anna Homler and multi-instrumentalist Mark "Pylon King" Davies. The single Colonist Dreamer introduced their elegant fusion of quirky vocals and electronic/ethnic ambience. Originally, on Rebirth (Max-Bilt, 1993), a double CD that combined a previous EP and a previous LP, Nigel Butler was the keyboardist and the sound was a light patina of samples, dance beats, dub reverbs and vocal avantgarde. Homler's contribution is minimal, despite composing Third Whale Trip, Rebirth Ya Yae Ya Yo Yo Yo and the 20-minute two-part Return Journey. The other three tracks were long ambient electronic dance jams: Re-evolution, The Enlightenment and especially the 21-minute The Transformation.

By the time Silver Bowl Transmission (North South, 1996) was recorded, Butler had left, Davies had absorbed ethnic influences and Homler's vocals had become a staple of their dance/trance format: the 12-minute Silver Bowl and a quartet of nine--ten minute jams (The Great Call, Spirit and the Signal, Bowl Worship, Templex).

Peninsular Enclosure (Swarffinger, 1997) is less ethereal and, at times, almost industrial. Heavy on the samples and the percussions, the songs nonetheless marked a return to a more conventional format (Welcome, The Enclosure, Colonist Dreamer, Peninsular Song, The Cabinet). Notable is the 16-minute Eclipsed.

The mini-album Operation Dismantled Sun (Swarffinger, 1998) presented yet another version of Voices Of Kwahn, one that left behind the ambient/new age leanings of the early albums (and Homler's vocals) and favored a harder, harsher, haunting approach. The most ambitious track was the the 15-minute Dismantled Son.

Gonk is the project of Mark Davies and Nigel Smith. They debuted with Will/Will Not Attend (Swarf).

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