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In A Field OF Moose , 5/10
Violently Coloured Sneakers , 5/10
Wooferwheels , 5/10
Livin' The Lore , 5/10

We (not the fantastic drum'n'bass trio) is a Norway band led by vocalist Thomas Felberg and guitarist Don Dons. Their music absorbs and recycles elements of progressive-rock, acid-rock and hard-rock, a blend of Nice, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin updated to Kyuss' stoner-rock. They debuted with In A Field OF Moose (Nun, 1994). The problem with most of their albums is that they try very hard at being original but at the end they sound derivative of styles and genres a` la mode.

Violently Coloured Sneakers (Voices Of Wonder, 1996) is an intriguing attempt at innovating heavy-metal (Heat, Violently Coloured Sneakers, Tribe) and features a few dreamy pieces.

Wooferwheels (Voices Of Wonder, 1997) is a mediocre continuation, with the lengthy Sturks Of Khun De Prorok and the driving In Between The Days.

Livin' The Lore (Voices Of Wonder, 1999) is a puerely rock album and even more derivative (Red Morning, This Day).

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