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Explorimenting Beats (Deviant, 1997), 7/10
Heavy Traffic (Deviant, 1998), 7/10 (comp)
Inferno (Invisible, 1999), 5/10

John Roome was the member of an industrial outfit before launching his own Witchman project with a series of revolutionary EPs: Main Vein (Leaf, 1995), Shape Of Rage (Leaf, 1996), States Of Mind (Blue Angel, 1996), double EP Nightmare Alley (1997), Heavy Mental. Inspired by Swans and Techno Animal, Withcman's drum'n'bass is contaminated with gothic, techno, industrial, dub, hip hop and ambient music. Heavy Mental and Bone Music are ambitious compositions, while Destiny, Offworld, Hammerhead, Hand Of God, Chemical Noir revel in expressionistic tones. Besides the eclectic mix of elements and the dark edge, what makes these EPs unique is that the sound is inflated with tons of electronic effects. They will be collected on the double-CD anthology Heavy Traffic (Deviant, 1998).

The first album, Explorimenting Beats (Deviant, 1997), continues the exploration of the dark lands of jungle with complex and atmospheric pieces like Post Trauma Blues and Light At The Edge.

Inferno (Invisible, 1999) is a collaboration with Jamming UNit.

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