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Khan Party (1993), 6.5/10 Links:

Yat-Kha was born in Moscow as a collaboration between vocalist-guitarist Albert Kuvezin and electronic composer Ivan Sokolovsky. Kuvezin emulated the Tuvan throat singing from Russia's southern Siberia at the border with Mongolia and China They debuted with the cassette Khan Party (1993), also known as Yat-Kha (General Records, 1993) and reissued as Tundra's Ghosts (1995).

Sokolovsky left and Kuvezin created a less electronic combo for Yenisei Punk (sep 1995), with morin khuur (a Mongolian bowed-string instrument) player Alexei Saaia but sounding like a world-music version of the Velvet Underground in pieces like Toorugtug Taiga and closing with the ten-minute vocal solo Kargyram. Dalai Beldiri (1999), Aldyn Dashka (2000) and Tuva.rock (2003).

Poets and Lighthouses (2010), recorded on a Scottish island, became a bestseller of world-music.

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