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Derek (1997), 6.5/10
Multi Muysic (2000), 6/10
Back From The Futur (2005), 6/10
Novo Atlantis (2009), 6/10

Aavikko, the project of drummer Tomi Leppanen, penned the frenzied electronic instrumentals of Derek (1997), full of syncopated beats, old-fashioned analog keyboards, lounge jazz atmospheres, garage-surf rave-ups, and catchy melodies. The way the whole was sequenced and layered evoked alien noir soundtracks.

The more relaxed Multi Muysic (2000) signaled a new phase that peaked with the professional arrangements of Back From The Futur (2005), electronic muzak by their standards.

History Of Muysic (2003) collects rarities.

Novo Atlantis (Stupido, 2009), featuring the classic line-up with two synthesizers (Tomi Kosonen and Paul Staufenbiel) and a drummer, even toyed with disco-music (Specto Supernus, Hypatia), increasing the role of the drum-machines, as well as with prog-rock and cosmic music (Syntaksis). The catchy melodic theme of the 15-minute Novo Atlantis II even evokes Jean-Michel Jarre. This sounds like a tribute to futurism of the 1970s.

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