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1st Infantry (2004), 6/10
Chemical Warfare (2009), 6/10
Russian Roulette (2012), 4/10
Return of the Mac (2007), 5/10
Albert Einstein (2013), 6/10
Israeli Salad (2015), 5/10
French Blend (2017), 5/10
Paris x La x Bruxelles Instrumentals (2018), 5/10
Retarded Alligator Beats (2015), 5/10
The Silent Partner (2016), 5/10
Yacht Rock 2 (2019), 5/10
Fetti (2018), 6/10
Alfredo (2020), 5.5/10
The Price of Tea in China (2020), 6/10
The Food Villain (2020), 5/10

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Los Angeles-based producer Alan-Daniel "Alchemist" Maman created the beats for the Dilated Peoples' The Platform (2000). He also released singles like E=MC2 (1999).

He finally debuted solo with the disappointingly trivial 1st Infantry (2004), including Hold You Down and Where Can We Go.

There is no innovation on Chemical Warfare (E1 Entertainment, 2009), that features Eminem in Chemical Warfare, KRS-One in Grand Concourse Benches and especially Juvenile and Three 6 Mafia in That'll Work (the album's highlight). More accessible than the hip-hop tracks is Smile, a soul crossover.

Gangrene was a collaboration between the Alchemist and Oh No documented on Gutter Water (2010) and Vodka & Ayahuasca (2012).

The pointless and indulgent Russian Roulette (2012) is a collage of 30 brief pieces (for a grand total of 45 minutes) that mostly juxtaposes instrumentals and samples.

Return of the Mac (2007) and Albert Einstein (2013) were collaborations with Mobb Deep's rapper Prodigy.

His studio wizardy was documented on the all-instrumental albums Israeli Salad (2015), French Blend (2017), and Paris x La x Bruxelles Instrumentals (2018).

He sampled Israeli music to create Retarded Alligator Beats (2015). The Silent Partner (2016) was a collaboration with Mobb Deep's rapper Havoc.

He displayed his skills at blending (eccentric) samples and beats and coupling them with guest rappers on Yacht Rock 2 (2019), ostensibly the continuation of the EP Yacht Rock (2013).

The Alchemist crafted the lush, laid-back and jazzy soundscapes of Fetti (2018), a collaboration with rappers Curren$y and Freddie Gibbs. The chemistry was less sparkling on Alfredo (2020), another collaboration with Gibbs.

The Price of Tea in China (2020) was a collaboration with rapper Boldy James, a parade of horror tales, and the EP Lulu (2020) was a collaboration with rapper Conway the Machine (Demond Price). In the same year he released the instrumentals of The Food Villain (2020) and of the mini-album A Doctor, Painter & an Alchemist Walk Into a Bar (2020)

Haram (Saddle Creek, 2021) was a collaboration with rappers Armand Hammer.

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