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New York's multi-racial ensemble Antibalas, led by bandleader Martin Perna, resurrected the Afro-beat sound of the 1980s for the new millennium. The jazzy nuances are the most original element of Liberation Afrobeat (2001), with Si Se Puede Amayo, Dirt and Blood, Musicawi Silt and El Machete, Talkatif (Ninja Tune, 2002) and Who Is This America (Rope-a-Dope, 2004), the 12-minute Who Is This America Dem Speak of Today the 14-minute Elephant and the 19-minute Sister, which sound otherwise heavily derivative of Fela Kuti's fusion of funk, soul, rock and Latin rhythms.

Security (Anti, 2007) included the lengthy jams Filibuster Xxx and Sanctuary.

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