Arab On Radar

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Queen Hygiene II , 6/10
Rough Day At The Orifice , 7/10
Soak The Saddle , 7/10
Yahweh Or The Highway , 6/10

Arab On Radar, from Providence (Rhode Island), comprises singer Eric "Post-Traumatic Stress" Paul, guitarists Steve "Type A" Mattos and Jeff "Clinical Depression" Schneider, and drummer Craig "Obsessive Compulsive" Kurek. On the early singles, Kangaroo (Heparin, 1997) and Swimming With A Hard-On (Load, 1998), they played an artsy brand of noise-rock that borrows evenly from new wave and beach-punk. Queen Hygiene II (Heparin, 1998 - 31G, 2003), their first album, continued on that war path with terrifying blasts of chaos.

Rough Day At The Orifice (On Pop Pop, 1999 - 31G, 2003) is a demented collage of feverish and feral sounds, vaguely approaching the state of music, somewhere along the twisted line that straddles Red Crayola, Pop Group, Mars, Pere Ubu, and Six Finger Satellite.

Soak The Saddle (Skin Graft, 2000) is the music of very angry (and very spastic) youth: psychotic melodies, manic pace, abrasive guitars, punk-rock and Japanese-grade noise.

Yahweh Or The Highway (Skin Graft, 2001) is another very short album, like the previous ones, with only eight songs to document the band's progress. It leaves the feeling that the kids are growing up, and that they are shunning the most obviously childish excesses of their early albums. Despite the intent, this remains a concentrate of wildly dissonant punk-rock, not exactly recommended to fans of the Beatles.

The Stolen Singles (Three One G, 2003) collects rarities.

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Gli Arab On Radar, da Providence (Rhode Island), comprendono il cantante Eric "Post-Traumatic Stress" Paul, i chitarristi Steve "Type A" Mattos e Jeff "Clinical Depression" Schneider, e il batterista Craig "Obsessive Compulsive" Kurek. Sui primi singoli, Kangaroo (Heparin, 1997) e Swimming With A Hard-On (Load, 1998), suonavano un noise-rock che prende in prestito in egual misura dalla new wave e dal beach-punk. Queen Hygiene II (Heparin, 1998), il loro primo album, continuava su quel sentiero di guerra con terrificanti raffiche di caos.

Rough Day At The Orifice (On Pop Pop, 1999) e' un collage insano di suoni febbrili e selvaggi, che si avvicina vagamente al concetto di musica, da qualche parte lungo la contorta linea che unisce Red Crayola, Pop Group, Mars, Pere Ubu, e Six Finger Satellite.

Soak The Saddle (Skin Graft, 2000) e' la musica di giovani molto arrabbiati (e molto spastici): melodie psicotiche, andatura maniacale, chitarre abrasive, punk-rock e noise nipponeggiante.

Yahweh Or The Highway (Skin Graft, 2001) e' un altro album molto breve, come i precedenti, che include solo otto canzoni a documentare il progresso del gruppo. Lascia la sensazione che i ragazzi stanno crescendo, e che stanno schivando gli eccessi piu' palesemente infantili dei loro primi dischi. Malgrado le intenzioni, rimane comunque un concentrato di punk-rock selvaggiamente dissonante, non esattamente consigliato ai fan dei Beatles.

Chinese Stars is vocalist Eric Paul and drummer Craig Kurek of Arab On Radar, guitarist Paul Vieira and Six Finger Satellite's drummer Rick Pelletier (now on bass). The five-song EP Turbo Mattress (Skin Graft, 2003), the mini-album A Rare Sensation (31G, 2004) and Listen To Your Left Brain (Three One G, 2007) are diligent variants on the funk-punk fusion aesthetic.

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