Bare Wires

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Memphis' vocalist and guitarist Matthew Melton moved to San Francisco and formed Snake Flower 2, whose Renegade Daydream (Southpaw, 2009) delivered a catchy hybrid of garage-rock and stoner-rock, best demonstrated in Flight Of The Navigator.

He then launched the Bare Wires, a project in the simplest power-pop tradition, documented on Artificial Clouds (Southpaw, 2009), Seeking Love (Castle Face, 2010), containing the single Young Love Keep Your Cool (2010), and Cheap Perfume (Southpaw, 2011), containing the single Don't Ever Change.

The Bare Wires' drummer Heather Fedewa formed the girl-group Wax Idols, that released No Future (Hozac, 2011), 2nd Place (Castle Face, 2012) and Discipline And Desire (Slumberland, 2013), and then Blasted Canyons with Adam Finken and Matt Jones that debuted with Blasted Canyons (Castle Face, 2012), that contains both the agonizing panzer blues-metal The Artist Formerly Known As Satan and the naive garage rave-up Blood On The Wall.

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