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Bong (2009), 6/10
Bethmoora (2009), 5/10
Beyond Ancient Space (2011), 5/10
Mana-Yood-Sushai (2012), 6/10

British band Bong dabbled in slow-motion, lumbering and droning doom-metal on Bong (Heidenwut Productions, 2009), containing Wizards Of Krull and The Starlit Grotto, both around 16-minute long. Wizards Of Krull begins with a solo of subdued percussion before unleashing the droning Black Sabbath-esque guitar distortion and a monk-like invocation over a steady drumbeat. In the middle the drumming becomes more convoluted and the guitar delves into a verbose glissando solo. A booming rumble opens The Starlit Grotto. The rumble keeps mutating slowly and slowly do the drums enter the picture. Finally the monk-like vocals intone their invocation over a solemn rhythm.

The double-disc Bethmoora (Infinite Exchange, 2009) contains a 27-minute cover of Pink Floyd's Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun and two lengthy jams, again inspired by Black Sabbath and Gregorian liturgy, plus two lengthy pieces. The 23-minute Stone Mountain augments the usual rumble with a haunting guitar melody. After 12 minutes a guitar takes off in a sideral orbit of glissandos, thus replicating the structure of Wizards Of Krull on a larger scale. The beginning of Bethmoora sounds like funeral music because of the way it is paced and the way the melody is replaced by bell-like tones. For 21 minutes one expects something to emerge out of this pattern but instead the piece continues unabated and shameless until it fades away.

Gilgamesh Lives (Blackest Rainbow, 2009) and the triple-disc Novum Castellum (Turgid Animal, 2009) are live albums.

Mike Vest of Bong also launched Basillica, that released Kingdom Of Status (Blackest Rainbow, 2009) and Rotting Desert Queen and the Black Isolator Radar Strip (2010).

Live At Roadburn 2010 (Burning World, 2011) contains extended versions of Onwards To Perdonaris (33:24) and Wizards Of Krull.

Beyond Ancient Space (Ritual Productions, 2011) deliverd three more psychedelic juggernauts: the 25-minute Onward To Perdondaris, the 25-minute crescendo of Across The Timestream and the 30-minute dirge In The Shadow Of The Tower.

Bong's Mike Vest was also active as Basillica: The Correct Ritual (2009), Rotting Desert Queen And The Black Isolator Radar Strip (Blackest Rainbow, 2009) Wanda (2010), To Suffer The Sun (2010), etc.

Bong returned with Mana-Yood-Sushai (Ritual Productions, 2012), that contains the 27-minute Dreams Of Mana-Yood-Shushai and the 19-minute Trees Grass And Stones that rank among their best creations.

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