Boom Bip

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Circle (2001), 6.6/10
Seed to Sun (2002), 6.6/10
Blue Eyed In The Red Room (2005), 6/10
Stainless Style (2008), 5/10
Zig Zaj (2011), 5/10

Inspired by New York's "illbient" scene, a number of djs aimed for a hip-hop that could transcend hip-hop, that is for a a new (ambient, psychological, free-form) form fo art founded on the marriage of poetry and sound. Ohio-born dj Boom Bip (Bryan Hollon), a self-described "anti-dj", well impersonated the sound sculptor and collage assembler of the new wave of hip-hop. Circle (2001), a collaboration with rapper Doseone (Adam Drucker), a member of the Anticon collective and of the trio cLOUDDEAD, was both haunting, cryptic and intense.

Boom Bip's instrumental solo album Seed to Sun (2002) was mind-boggling exercise in hip-hop counterpoint. The lengthy EP Corymb (Lex, 2004) adds a few more tracks, but it is mostly taken up by remixes.

Blue Eyed In The Red Room (Lex, 2005) is another collection of futuristic downtempo instrumentals (that eskew samples for live instrumentation), with a couple of nods to folk and pop music, such as Nina Nastasia delivering the ballad The Matter Of Our Discussion. But very little hip-hop.

Stainless Style (2008), credited to Neon Neon, was a collaboration between Boom Bip and Super Furry Animals' Gruff Rhys intended as a concept album about John DeLorean, a futuristic designer of cars, and crafted as a tribute to the music of the 1980s.

Zig Zaj (2011) was another creative effort and peaked with the 10-minute Tumtum, but too much of the rest sounded like filler.

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