Brown vs Brown

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Twitch and Shout (2007), /10
Odds and Unevens (2010), 5/10

Dutch combo Brown vs Brown, consisting of Dirk Bruinsma (sax, vocals), Viljam Nybacka (bass), Gerri Jager (drums) and Jeroen Kimman (guitar), debuted with Twitch and Shout (PAO, 2007) in an original progressive punk-jazz style.

Odds and Unevens (Cuneiform, 2010) delivers music that is about resolving contradictions. The convoluted dynamics and harsh tones of Whirlpool are emblematic. Sometimes the madness makes sense, like how The Adventures Of Billy Spontana mutates from dissonant free-jazz into an agonizing blues jam despite all sorts of insane solo detours. Vocals and a banjo infiltrate the relatively smooth flow of For Jason Mark And Joe, the closest thing to a progressive suite of the 1970s. Unfortunately much of the collective jamming sounds gratuitous.

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