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Chiodos, a sextet from Michigan (vocalist Craig Owens, guitarists Pat McManaman and Jason Hale, keyboardist Bradley Bell, bassist Matt Goddard, drummer Derrick Frost), joined the crowded ranks of screamo/emocore with the EP The Heartless Control Everything (Search and Rescue, 2003) and the full-length All's Well That Ends Well (Equal Vision, 2005). The latter tempered the hardcore fury with synthesizer and piano. They basically grafted screamo vocals, metalcore attitude, and heavy-metal bombast onto Mars Volta's theatrical progressive-rock.

The producer added strings and horns to the more elegant Bone Palace Ballet (2007), that included the power-ballad Intensity in Ten Cities and especially Lexington. But Chiodos continued to waste too many ideas in pointless song structures that cannot accomodate them.

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