Christian Mistress

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Agony & Opium (2010) , 6/10 (mini)

Seattle's female-fronted Christian Mistress harked back to classic hard-rock of the 1970s on the mini-album Agony & Opium (20 Buck Spin, 2010). The gallopping Riding On The Edges mixes Scandinavian epos in the melody with Deep Purple-style panzer rhythm and instrumental break. The passionate and majestic voice of Christine Davis steals the show in the power ballad Desert Rose. On the other hand, the frenzied rhythm of Home In The Sun is more punk than metal, and Poison Path is wild rock'n'roll with a galactic guitar solo, and these are probably the most skilled moments. Black Vigil tries (and fails) to concoct a simpler, catchy tune, but The acoustic to speedmetal transition of Omega Stone crowns the album with enough pathos to justify the teutonic magniloquence (reminiscent of Helloween and the likes).

Christian Mistress had found a winning (retro) formula and simply mined it on Possession (Relapse, 2012)

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