Collections of Colonies of Bees

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Wisconsin's Pele (guitarist Chris Rosenau, bassist Scott Schoenbeck, drummer Jon Mueller and keyboardist Scott Beschta) had recorded Teaching the History of Teaching Geography (1998), Elephant (1999), without Beschta, The Nudes (2000), and Enemie (2002) before disbanding.

Chris Rosenau and Jon Mueller then started Collections of Colonies of Bees that initially, on the live in an abandoned warehouse MeYou (1998), was merely a bedroom experiment of lap steel and vocals. fa.ce (a (2002) contained the eleven-minute Mu: Rder Customer (2004) incorporated digital musician Jon Minor and electronic keyboardist Jim Schoenecker, and the compositions became digital collages (unfortunately, faceless ones). The mini-album Birds (Table of the Elements, 2008) contains the four-movement suite Flocks, their most accomplished work. The 13-minute single Six Guitars (2008) is an avantgarde composition based on the musical interval known as the "perfect fifth", and performed by six guitarists, of which two also employ a looping device and an E-Bow, and two play rhythm with percussion hammers. The four-song EP Giving (2011), without Mueller, contains the nine-minute Vorms.

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