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Mask of Birth (2000), 6/10
Enter Tinnitus (1999), 6.5/10
Seasons (2003), 7/10
Netmork (2002), 6.5/10
0397Post-Pop (2004), 4/10
Above Air (2006), 5/10
Strings (2007), 7/10

Russian-born Swedish-based laptop player Ivan "Coh" Pavlov, began his studies on disco-music and techno with Mask of Birth (Raster-Noton, 2000 - Mego, 2002), originally recorded in 1997. He turned to glitch music on the intimidating Enter Tinnitus (Raster-Noton, 1999), but returned to his post-modernist reflections on dance-music with the EP Love Uncut (Eskaton, 2001), a collaboration with Coil that dissected classics of the 1980s. Iron (2000) was a detour into rock music.

He then abandoned that thread and delved into ambient glitch soundsculpting with Seasons (Idea, 2003), four suites that process instruments and noise to create otherworldly atmospheres. The centerpiece is the metamorphosis of the solo guitar sonata Springs Come Shooting - Make Love, Make War, in which a wavering sequencer-like pattern mutates into a sort of hard-rock guitar solo and then into a blazing ball of white noise. The Colour Of Beauty - Summer Is Red for violin and computer is a rare case of marriage of musique concrete and chamber music, a psychological game of sustained and staccato tones. As Ripe As Autumn's Tears is a piano and rain sonata in which the sparsely plucked high piano notes interact with the bed of hushed field recordings. The introspective nightmare of Winter Brooding Underneath, a colossal, slowly rotating electronic drone that interacts with a sphinx-like cello, the two noises amplifying each other, resonating with each other.

Coh then focused the bleak concept album Netmork (SouRce Research Recordings, 2002), mainly taken up by the eponymous three-movement suite, on the theme of telephony ("digitally encoded human emotions running through solid darkness of telephone wires").

0397Post-Pop (Mego, 2004) collects live performances and early rare material from 1997.

Coh's rather uneventful Above Air (Eskaton, 2006) was a tribute to Coil's John Balance.

The 24-minute EP Patherns (Raster-Noton, 2006) works as a summary of Coh's expansive electronic suites.

The double-disc Strings (Raster Norton, 2007) is a summation of Coh's art via espressionistic manipulations of guitar, piano, oud lute and saz guitar. The first contains the suites Sidereal As If Not, No Monsters No Rock, Euphrates. The second disc contains only one piece, the 17-minute SU-U, another improvisatoin for oud and saz.

Iiron (Editions Mego, 2011) was the follow-up to Iron, and recycled recordings from the 1980s influenced by new wave, prog-rock and speed-metal.

Retro-2038 (Editions Mego, 2013) was a set of danceable pieces, notably the ten-minute elusive Vainio. To Beat (2014), unfortunately, doesn't even have that.

The 37-minute live performance of Mort Aux Vaches (2015) was a better introduction to his work than the albums that preceded it.

Music Vol (2016) is a collection of subtle subliminal ambient pieces such as 20000 Lieues, Vivid and Night Over Peak 1079.

The 53-minute piece of COH DOMA (2018) was dedicated to Mika Vainio (Pansonic).

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