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Truth and Distance (2009), 6/10
Caesarean (2010), 6/10

Concern (Gordon Ashworth, brother of Owen Ashworth of Casiotone For The Painfully Alone) crafted droning ambient music constructed out of a plethora of instruments and found objects on Truth and Distance (Digitalis, 2009). The three suites originate from three different methods: the 17-minute Truth And Distance is the classic blend of sounds, a magniloquent crescendo, ebbing and flowing of dark thick tones in which the whole is more than the sum of its parts; the brief Young Birth is an excess of additions, resulting in a quasi-symphonic effect; Heartsink is the opposite, a process of subtraction by which the drone reveals its components, and the whole decomposes into its parts and turns into a touching piano-based melodic tide.

The main progress on Caesarean (Arbor Infinity, 2010) came in the departments of Oval's glitch music and William Basinski's decaying music. All sounds were derived from acoustic instruments such as piano, guitar, clarinet and banjo. The results ranged from the poignant meditation of Discrete Memorial to the monolithic 34-minute soundsculpture Immersed In Envy Porous With Forgetfulness.

Concern dissolved after Misfortune (Isounderscore, 2012), that collects compositions (mostly inspired by minimalist repetition and deep listening music) for lap harp.

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