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C-Schulz, a prominent member of the Cologne school, was a member of POL, a project also featuring Pluramon that released Transomuba (1994), that mixes field recordings, world and techno music, and Baby I Will Make You Sweat (1995), the (vastly inferior) soundtrack to a movie, and later of avantgarde supergroup Kontakta (electroacoustic free-jazz), documented on Kontakta (Odd Size, 1994).

His solo albums are: Hose Horn (Entenpfuhl, 1991), de facto a collaboration with Marcus Schmickler, Film Ton (Extreme, 1992), possibly his most accomplished work, C-Schulz & Hajsch (Sonig, 2000), a collaboration with Hans-Juergen Schunk, a microtonal concerto for acoustic instruments, electronics and field recordings, Flicker Tunes (Sonig, 2005).

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