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Wisconsin's alt-country outfit Decibully, fronted by vocalist William Seidel, debuted with the humble You Might Be A Winner, You May Be A Loser, But You'll Always Be A Gambler (Decibully, 2002).

Expanded to a septet, Decibully released a better arranged album, City of Festivals (Polyvinyl, 2003), that featured songs bordering on both pop, psychedelia and soul, ranging from the celestial sound effects of On the Way To Your Hotel to the catchy refrain of Tables Turn to the sprightly We Belong on Rooftops to the de-facto soul ballad My Lighter and Strings.

Sing Out America (Polyvinyl, 2005) replicated the style, the format and the range, with at least I'm Gonna Tell You and Notes To Our Leaders worthy of its predecessor, and another de-facto soul ballad, Rid of Me at Last.

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