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Los Angeles' Earlimart, fundamentally the project of singer-songwriter and guitarist Aaron Espinoza with the help of bassist and keyboardist Ariana Murray, were perhaps the best disciples of the Pixies during the 2000s, an age that had largely forgotten that legacy of alt-rock. The lo-fi Filthy Doorways (1999) and especially Kingdom of Champions (2000) basically represented the anti-emo opposition within rock music, occasionally bordering on noise-folk and garage-punk.

Their sound became more baroque and a compromise between alternative and mainstream (a` la Flaming Lips) on Everyone Down Here (2003), with string arrangements by Fred Lonberg-Holm, and on the mediocre Treble & Tremble (2004), ostensibly dedicated to Elliott Smith.

That set the course for Mentor Tormentor (2007) and Hymn and Her (2008): trivial heavily-arranged folk-rock tunes that were reminiscent of millions pop tunes of the past; just another form of supermarket muzak.

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