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The Coldest Season (2007), 6.5/10
Liumin (2010), 6/10

The Coldest Season (2007) by Echospace, the duo of Chicago-area producers Rod Modell and Steve "Soultek" Hitchell, originally released as four EPs and performed on old-fashioned analog devices, sounded like a tribute to German minimal techno of the late 1990s.

Echospace's Rod Modell also released an album of minimal techno and glitch music, Incense & Black Light (Plop, 2008); while Steve Hitchell launched the project Intrusion with The Seduction Of Silence (Echospace, 2009).

Echospace's double-disc Liumin (Modern Love, 2010) drenched their brand of minimal techno into psychedelic glitchy dub ambience. The field recordings mixed with the music are documented in their original form on the accompanying disc.

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