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Man Alive (2010), 4/10

English dance combo Everything Everything followed the singles Suffragette Suffragette and Photoshop Handsome with Man Alive (Geffen, 2010). Their dizzy and unorthodox arrangements sound awkward and pretentious at times, but occasionally achieves the profound and baroque grandeur of Yes. The frenzied vocal harmonies and convoluted rhythm of My KZ Ur BF sketch the general project of songs that pivot around poignant chanting and bombastic rhythm, an idea that recurs in Final Form and that is pushed to its extreme consequences in Two For Nero for harpsichord and ethereal vocal harmonies. They don't fare too well when they mimick falsetto soul in Leave The Engine Room or church hymn in Nasa Is On Your Side. The punkish Qwerty Finger that recalls early XTC is too little too late. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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