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Shake the Mountain (2003), 6/10
Skeleton (2006), 6.5/10
When The Deer Wore Blue (2007), 5.5/10
Figurines (2011), 4/10

The Figurines, fronted by Christian Hjelm, are a Danish band that sounded like Modest Mouse on Shake the Mountain (2003), while Skeleton (Control Group, 2006) swung between angular Pixies-style rockers and sprightly roots-rock, with the notable exception of the piano ballad Race You. They did display a knack for catchy refrains.

Unfortunately, When The Deer Wore Blue (Control Group, 2007) retreated into the most unoriginal form of Brit-pop. Past the emotional Childhood Verse that opens the album, the band delivers trite melodies over trivial arrangements. The notable exception is the seven-minute Drunkard's Dream, that packs enough ideas to make the album not completely worthless.

The shallow Figurines (2011) contains the single New Colors and little else, reminiscent of the Hollies.

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