B Fleischmann

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Pop Loops for Breakfast (1999), 6.5/10
A Choir of Empty Beds (2000), 6/10
Tmp (2001) , 6.5/10
Welcome Tourist (2003), 7/10
Duo 505: Late (2004), 6/10
The Humbucking Coil (2006) , 5/10

Austrian drummer and electronic composer Bernhard Fleischmann entered the agon of post-techno music with the full-length Pop Loops for Breakfast (Charhizma, 1999), the EP Sidonie (1999) and the full-length A Choir of Empty Beds (Fuzzy Box, 2000), coining a personal disorienting combination of glitch music and synth-pop.

Tmp (2001) contained only two lengthy tracks, particularly the colossal second one, thus changing the setting and the format, while retaining the fundamental principles.

Adding live instrumentation and erratic beats, Fleischmann turned the double-disc Welcome Tourist (Morr, 2003) into a new experiment in connecting past and future of dance music. Its second disc is entirely taken by the 45-minute Take Your Time, an endless series of variations on a simple six-note piano pattern.

After Duo 505's Late (Morr, 2004), Fleischmann returned with The Humbucking Coil (2006), a much more conventional and trivial album of dance music (Composure).

Your Gorgeous Self is a group formed with Werner Jordan.

The double-disc For M/Mikro_Kosmos (june 2010) documents live performances by Bernhard Fleischmann.

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