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The Futureheads (2004), 6/10
News And Tributes (2006), 5/10
This Is Not THe World (2008), 5/10
The Chaos (2010), 4/10
Rant (2012), 4/10

Britain's the Futureheads, led by vocalist/guitarists Barry Hyde and Ross Millard, specialized in frantic pop a` la early Wire on the four-song EP 1-2-3 Nul (2003) and the single First Day (2002). Unfortunately, the album The Futureheads (679, 2004) contains a few songs from the EPs, a terrible Kate Bush cover and a few fast-paced ditties (Le Garage, A to B and Decent Days and Nights) that tend to sound all alike. The cover, Hounds of Love (2005), was the hit. They mostly wed Mersey-beat harmonies and dance-punk from a new-wave perspective, like a schizophrenic and slightly neurotic version of Franz Ferdinand.

News And Tributes (2006) contains Skip to the End, but the derivative and bloodless songs hardly justified the hype.

An almost punk intensity fueled the power-pop of This Is Not THe World (Nul, 2008). The album contains some of their most melodic moments: The Beginning of the Twist, Broke Up the Time, Radio Heart.

The Chaos (2010) lacked dignity.

Rant (2012) was an a-cappella album.

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