Gay Dad
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Leisure Noise (1999)
Transmission (2002)

For a few weeks, Gay Dad, led by singer Cliff Jones, a former rock critic, were 1998's "next big thing" in England. The single that propelled the hype was the Marc Bolan-soundalike To Earth With Love (but a leading magazine voted them "best band" even before they could listen to them, thereby generating rumours of foul play). Truth is that Leisure Noise (London, 1999) was one of the worst albums of the year. A collection of over-produced, soaring, glam-inspired power-ballads, such as Joy and Pathfinder, occasionally interrupted by a thread of rock and roll (Oh Jim), this album is as original as a McDonald's hamburger. Nicholas Crowe (drums), Nigel Hoyle (bass), James Risebero (keyboards) and Charley Stone (guitar) are merely decent. This makes even Oasis sound like Beethoven.

It doesn't take much for Transmission (Thirsty Ear, 2002) to improve over that dismal beginning, although one catchy/silly melody (Transmission), one folk-rock gem (Plane Going Down), and lots of bombast (Nightclub, Harder Faster, Keep it Heavy) do not amount to much. Even David Bowie could make better albums than these.

(Translation by/Tradotto da Davide Carrozza)

Per alcune settimane del 1998, i Gay Dad, capitanati dal cantante Cliff Jones, ex critico rock, furono la "next big thing" in Inghilterra. A spingerli alla ribalta fu il singolo à la Marc Bolan To Earth With Love (ma una rivista di spicco li votÚ come "miglior band" già prima che potessero ascoltarli, generando così accuse di gioco scorretto). La verità è che Leisure Noise (London, 1999) fu uno degli album peggiori dell'anno. Una raccolta di power-ballads che si rifacevano al glam rock, sovraprodotte e altisonanti, come Joy e Pathfinder, interrotte qua e là da un po' di rock and roll (Oh Jim), quest'album è originale quanto un hamburger di McDonald's. Nicholas Crowe (batteria), Nigel Hoyle (basso), James Risebero (tastiere) e Charley Stone (chitarra) sono appena decenti. Paragonati a loro, gli Oasis suonerebbero come Beethoven.

Non occorre molto a Transmission (Thirsty Ear, 2002) per essere meglio del penoso esordio, anche se una melodia orecchiabile/stupida (Transmission), una gemma folk-rock (Plane Going Down) e tanta ampollosità (Nightclub, Harder Faster, Keep it Heavy) non sono molto. Persino David Bowie potrebbe fare album migliori di questi.

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