Gentle Waves
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Gentle Waves: Swansong for You (2000), 5/10
Gentle Waves: Green Fields of Foreverland (1999), 5/10
Isobel Campbell: Amorino (2002), 5.5/10
Isobel Campbell: Milk White Sheets (2006), 5/10

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Gentle Waves was the project of Scottish cellist and singer Isobel Campbell, an original member of Belle and Sebastian. The albums Green Fields of Foreverland (Jeepster, 1999), with Weathershow, Dirty Snow for the Broken Ground and Rose I Love You , and Swansong for You (2000), with Falling From Grace, contained brief dreamy folk-rock elegies.

Campbell's first solo album, Amorino (Instinct, 2002) sounded like an orchestral version of Scotland's old "twee-pop", which at its best was more neoclassical than pop (Poor Butterfly).

Campbell collaborated with Mark Lanegan on the EP Ramblin' Man (V2, 2006) and the full-length Ballad Of The Broken Seas (V2, 2006).

Her second solo album, Milk White Sheets (V2, 2006), embraced the fashionable trend of psychedelic folk a` la Vashti Bunyan but, ultimately, she remains a product of the far less creative school of folksingers a` la Shirley Collins and Sandy Denny.

Campbell's EP Time Is Just The Same (Snowstorm, 2009) collects music recorded in 2004.

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