Golden Hotel

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New Hampshire's Torrez, formed by vocalist imberlee Torres and guitarist Sidney Lindner, released albums of ambient psychedelic folk such as Wildhorse (2000) and The Evening Drag (Kimchee, 2003).

Torrez's guitarist Sidney Lindner then formed Golden Hotel with his brother Cayce Lindner in San Francisco to play the humble psychedelic folk of The Silver Wilderness (2002).

Flying Canyon, the solo project of Golden Hotel's guitarist Cayce Lindner (helped by members of the Skygreen Leopards), debuted with the more "acid" Flying Canyon (Soft Abuse, 2006).

Relocating to Colorado, Torrez's Sidney Lindner, a vocalist in the vein of Mark Linkous, launched his side-project Hotel Alexis with The Shining Example is Lying On The Floor (Broken Sparrow, 2004) and Goliath I'm On Your Side (Broken Sparrow, 2007), two works of lush introverted country-pop and folk-rock, like a humbler and more down-to-earth Sparklehorse, the latter, however, including the 19-minute psychedelic and audio-verite pastiche Hummingbird/ Indian Dog.

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