Heavy Winged

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Spreading Center (2009), 6.5/10

The relatively simple idea of feeding distorted music into heavy music and viceversa was pushed to a higher degree of paranoia by New York's trio Heavy Winged in the lengthy jams of A Serpent's Lust (2006), Blacc Stork (2006), containing the 21-minute title-track that changes personality a few times until the final gallop and satori, Taking the Veil (2006), We Grow (2007), Alive In My Mouth (2008), Shaking Waking (Aurora Borealis, 2009), making them the most relevant pupils of High Rise.

Monolith: Earth (Music Fellowship, 2008) was a split with Windy & Carl.

Ring Mining (Not Not Fun, 2009) was a collaboration with Inca Ore.

Like most of their albums, Spreading Center (Release The Bats, 2009) contains two monoliths, each 26-minute long. Loudun stages a crescendo of guitar noise over a monotonous drumbeat which, at the peak, decays into a vocabulary of primitive feedbacks. These coalesce into a rumbling frenzy that in turn collapses into oneiric drones. Strigoi juxtaposes two repetitive guitar patterns, one vibrating faster than the other, The contrast becomes a full-throttle collision. When it suddenly decays into random incoherent dissonance, it is ready to mutate into a raga-like cosmic vibration that in turn becomes a sequence of abstract drones speeding through infinite vacuum.

Fields Within Fields (Three Lobed, 2010) contains the ethereal "Among The Maeori" and suffocating "The Hum Of The Universe".

Sunspotted (Type, 2010) contains the wildly unstable space-rock rave-up Breathe Life and the psychedelic fantasia Vapor Trails.

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