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Home Blitz (2007) , 6.5/10
Out Of Phase (2009) , 6/10

New Jersey's one-man band Home Blitz (Daniel DiMaggio) offered one of the most original takes on garage-rock and power-pop of the 2000s. The effervescent Home Blitz (Gulcher, 2007), that compiles the first two singles, a cassette, an EP and unreleased material, masterfully bridged chaos and order. DiMaggio penned amateurish rigmaroles halfway between Magnetic Fields and Half Japanese (Apocalyptic Grades 2005 A.D., Something 2 Do), primal riffs a` la Kinks (Hey), Rolling Stones-ian singalongs (My Town), Sixties-inflected garage-rock (Stupid Street, and especially Marquand Park), catchy punk-rock (Right Cut Even, A.F.F.), Bob Dylan-ian folk rants (Benches), and psychedelic freak-outs (Bored). DiMaggio is a force of nature. He tends to funnel his energy into compact structures, with one exception: the nine-minute Yard. However, there's a casual piano ballad sandwitched between the chaotic dissonant intro and the musique concrete of its coda.

Despite the dissonant bacchanal Nest Of Vipers that opens it, Out Of Phase (Richie, 2009) leaned towards the poppy and funny side of the equation, i.e. towards manic rock'n'roll rhythms (the addictive Two Steps, Other Side Of The Street, Route 18, Nighttime Feel) and sharp hooks (Don't Talk To Me, Is Anybody There?). A few experiments (notably the almost doom-metal A Different Touch) show a broader range of interests, but too many songs sound like filler. The louder and crisper production does not automatically transfer in higher creativity. This sounds like an EP that was stretched out to become an album.
More irregular power-pop surfaced on the single Perpetual Night (Almost Ready), backed with the no less infectious Murder In My Heart.

The EP Frozen Tracks (Mexican Summer, 2012) contains the neurotically catchy Frozen Tracks, reminiscent of the poppier new wave.

DiMaggio also played in Car Commercials with David Sutton: Eric's Diary (Soft Abuse, 2008) and Judy's Dust (Cenotaph, 2008).

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