Hwyl Nofio

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Hwyl Nofio, the brainchild of British guitarist Steve Parry, prepared droning and drifting collages of treated keyboards and guitars (including Danish guitarist Fredrik Soegaard and Hungarian guitarist Sandor Szabo) for The Singers And Harp Players Are Dumb (1999) and Hymnal (2002), while the more radical Anatomy Of Distort (2005) epitomized his nonlinear fusion of free jazz, Indian raga, ambient music, musique concrete and minimalist repetition.

Hounded By Fury (2006) expanded the instrumentation but sounded a bit predictable.

Parry also released (under his own name) the experimental works Solitary Lands (1996) for prepared guitar and tape manipulations, Cathedrals of Industry for guitar noise and pipe organ, Distort for prepared piano and automata.

Off The Map (2007) was a collaboration with Fredrik Soegaard.

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