Intelligent Shanghai Mono University

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7.9 (2003), 7/10

Intelligent Shanghai Mono University is a quartet of four Shanghai-based digital musicians who go by the nicknames of B6, Cy, Susuxx and Zoojoo. Intelligent Shanghai Mono University (Subjam, 2003) collects 14 vignettes of purely abstract musique concrete, torrential white noise, disjointed electroacoustic chamber music, collages of manipulated samples, post-industrial cacophony, and glitchy pseudo-dance music. Each track is widly different from the others, so that the whole covers an impressive range of ideas and techniques. All in all, they constitute a manic study on (artificial) timbres, (irregular) textures and (dissonant) counterpoint, a sort of equivalent of Brian Eno's Before And After Science for the post-ambient generation. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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