Norah Jones

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Veteran jazz and soul producer Arif Mardin launched the career of Norah Jones, Ravi Shankar's daughter, whose Come Away with Me (2002), one of the biggest hits of its era, delivered acoustic pop-blues-jazz-country fusion, mainly composed by guitarist Jesse Harris and bassist Lee Alexander. Jones just lent her mellow croon and her telegenic face to the operation.

Feel Like Home (2004) was a terrible follow-up (mostly covers) designed to tap into the commercial success of the new star. Mardin died in 2006 and Jones aimed for a more creative role on Not Too Late (2007), entirely composed by her, but the results were mixed at best.

In between the second and third album, Jones joined the Little Willies, a detour into old-fashioned music documented on Little Willies (2006)

The lively The Fall (2009) was her soul (Chasing Pirates) and rock (It's Gonna Be) album, but, again, it mainly proved that Mardin (and former boyfriend Lee Alexander) had been the real brain behind her success.

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