Jurassic 5
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Quality Control (2000), 6/10
Power in Numbers (2002), 6.5/10
Feedback (2006), 4/10
Cut Chemist: The Audience Is Listening (2006), 7/10
Cut Chemist: Sound Of The Police (2010), 6/10

Los Angeles' hip-hop group Jurassic 5, born from the fusion of the "Unity Committee" posse and the "Rebels of Rhythm" posse, featured turntablist Cut Chemist (Lucas MacFadden), DJ Nu-Mark and rappers Marc 7even, Chali 2na, Zaakir and Akil. They debuted with the single Unified Rebellion (1995) and the EP Jurassic 5 (1997), produced by Cut Chemist. Their enthusiastic and amusing Quality Control (2000) and especially Power in Numbers (2002) amounted de facto to a revival of old-fashioned rap.

Live at the Future Primitive Sound Session (1997) was a collaboration between Cut Chemist and Invisibl Skratch Piklz' Shortkut.

DJ Nu-Mark debuted solo with Hands On (2004).

Jurassic 5's wizard turntablist Lucas "Cut Chemist" MacFadden rediscovered the jovial childish art of audio collage on his first solo, The Audience Is Listening (Warner, 2006). It begins with the hilarious country-music skit of Motivational Speaker and continues with the hilarious tribal-African skit Big Break, that suddenly morphs into a breakneck-speed rockabilly. It criminally indulges in revisions/parodies of orchestral Latin music (The Garden) and piano jazz (Spat). It unleashes the space-age dance instrumental Metrorail Thru Space and rolls out the psychedelic blues jam 2266 Cambridge. It runs amok with the snappy hip-hop jam Storm and then turns intellectual with the deconstructed thriller film atmosphere Spoon. And the parade of impersonations culminates with the soulful and sprightly rhythm'n'blues shuffle A Peak In Time.

Recorded live with Cut Chemist on turntable, mixer and delay, Sound Of The Police (Stable Sound, 2010) was built up from sampling obscure exotic vinyl records, a virtuoso performance by one of the greatest turntablists around.

Cut Chemist was missing from Jurassic 5's anemic Feedback (2006) and the difference was obvious. The instrumental Canto de Ossanha was the only track to deliver intriguing form.

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