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Milk & Honey (Kompakt, 2004), 6.5/10
Music To Fall Asleep (Kompakt, 2006), 5.5/10
Dedications (Anticipata, 2008), 6/10
Movies Is Magic (Anticipate, 2009), 6/10

German laptop musician Sebastian Meissner started out in Autopoieses, a duo with German soundsculptor Ekkehard Ehlers, whose La Vie A Noir (Mille Plateaux, 1999) used snippets of jazzy film-noir soundtracks as building blocks to create music.

Meissner then crafted the abstract glitch music of Random Industries' Selected Random Works (Ritornell, 2000) and the ambient music of Random Inc's Jerusalem Tales Outside the Framework of Orthodoxy (Ritornell, 2001), based on vintage recordings made by Jewish and Palestinian musicians, and Walking In Jerusalem (2002).

His project Klimek epitomized "pop ambient", basically beat-less minimal techno, whose looped digital melodies ("extracted" from acoustic sources) replaced the role of rhythm. The elegant Milk & Honey (Kompakt, 2004) was followed by the more trivial and monotonous Music To Fall Asleep (Kompakt, 2006), Dedications (Anticipata, 2008), that focused more on the guitar but failed to create engaging music, perhaps intentionally, and by Movies Is Magic (Anticipate, 2009).

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