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Sweaty Psalms (2008) , 6/10

Klive, the project of Iceland-based digital soundsculptor Ulfur Hansson, debuted with Sweaty Psalms (Swollen Glands, 2008 - Mille Plateaux, 2010), a series of abstract vignettes that variously deconstuct melodies and rhythms. Blck and Giants are mini-concertos of musique concrete: bubbling, booming, rattling and ticking. Mardi Gras deconstructs the parading bands of New Orleans via creaking noise, industrial beat and mournful brass section. Bridging past and future, the thumping Common Wealth boasts childish croon and radio-days harmonies. Abandoning the digital realm, Don't Give Up The Ghost delves into a tribal African percussive fest driven by a pastoral flute. Sweaty Psalms is a glitch ambient fresco that overflows with disturbibg timbres and eventually sets in motion evil androids. What the meaning of all of this would be remains largely untold. Basically, it's a one-man vanity show. It's eclectic to the point that one feels it's just a set of tentative pieces from an artist who still has to decide what he wants to be. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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