Hitoshi Kojo

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Japanese electronic musician Hitoshi Kojo debuted in the vein of free-noise industrial music with albums such as Border (2001) and Plexus (2004), plus Sacrifice + Phosphorus (2000) and Sympathetic Field (2002) under the moniker Spiracle.

Spiracle's double-disc Ananta (2006) foreshadowed a less extreme aesthetic.

In fact, he then turned to droning ambient music with the EP Ezo (Alluvial, 2009), composed from found objects, and High Tide Mirror (Omnimemento, 2012).

Lux Ova (Omnimemento, 2010) collects rarities from the 1990s.

Omnimoment (Omnimemento, 2012) collects soundtracks for art installations of the late 2000s.

Kojo and his wife, Swiss vocalist Carole Zweifel, who had performed with Kemialliset Ystavat, recorded freak-folk under the moniker Juppala Kaapio: Rainbow Mask (2010), Sporing Promenade (2010), and Animalia Corolla (2012); whereas the duo evolved towards a more abstract form of avantgarde vocal music on Rewound Groves (2012).

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