Lady Gaga

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The Fame (2008), 4/10
The Fame Monster (2009), 6/10 (mini)
Born This Way (2011), 4/10
Artpop (2013), 3/10
Joanne (2016), 4/10
Chromatica (2020), 3/10

New York starlet Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta) staged a revival of glam-rock that sounded like post-house bubblegum on the bestseller The Fame (2008), containing the dance hits Just Dance and especially Poker Face, as well as the silly rap Lovegame. She rapidly became an international pop star. The eight-song EP The Fame Monster (2009), containing the anthemic hit Bad Romance (composed by Moroccan producer Nadir "RedOne" Khayat), increased the similarity with Madonna. Born This Way was her (mediocre) number-one hit off her second album Born This Way (2011).

Her virtually unlimited stupidity was on display at the MTV Video Music Awards of 2010, when Lady Gaga wore a dress made from raw beef.

The title of Artpop (2013) was misleading: its was lame pop as usual, and no art at all. In fact, it wasn't even music. The only reason that people listened to her albums was her "eccentric" behavior (and frequent references to the sexual act) coupled with ridiculously kitschy outfits.

After a collaboration with old pop singer Tony Bennett, Cheek to Cheek, Lady Gaga released Joanne (2016), containing the single Joanne and the heartfelt country ode Grigio Girls.

The soundtrack of the film A Star Is Born (2018), in which she starred, contains the duet Shallow with Bradley Cooper.

Chromatica (2020) contains collaborations with Ariana Grande (Rain on Me), Elton John (Sine From Above) and Blackpink (Sour Candy). Anybody can make this kind of dance record; and probably sing it better. Yawn.

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