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604 (2001), 5/10
Light & Magic (2002), 4/10
Softcore Jukebox (2003), 3/10
Witching Hour (2005), 6/10
Velocifero (2008), 6/10
Gravity the Seducer (2011), 4/10

Liverpool's Ladytron (Daniel Hunt and Reuben Wu on electronic keyboards, Bulgarian-born Mira Aroyo and Helen Marnie on vocals) sparked electroclash, the revival of the new wave (the dance-club version of the new wave, as in Blondie and B52's, not the creative-underground version of the new wave) with He Took Her To A Movie (basically a cover of Kraftwerk's The Model). But the album 604 (Emperor Norton, 2001) sounds like yet another British retro` fad, and its pop ditties (the hit Playgirl, Paco, Commodore Rock) may be entertaining for a night but constitute no big news (He Took Her To A Movie is reminiscent of Kraftwerk's The Model).

Light & Magic (Emperor Norton, 2002) is even more straightforward synth-pop and disco-music (the hit Seventeen, Nuhorizons, Blue Jeans, Re:Agents, Turn It On). They make Aqua sound like Beethoven.

Softcore Jukebox (Emperor Norton, 2003) is a mix disc.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Massimiliano Monteverdi )

I Ladytron di Liverpool (Daniel Hunt e Reuben Wu alle tastiere, Mira Aroyo e Helen Marnie alla voce) hanno dato il là al revival della new wave, nella sua versione da discoteca alternativa, come in Blondie e nei B52’s, e non in quella creativo-underground, con He Took Her To A Movie (praticamente una cover di The Model dei Kraftwerk). Ma l’album 604 (Invicta HiFi, 2001) suona come l’ennesima moda passeggera tipica della musica inglese e del suo revivalismo, e le sue canzoncine pop Playgirl e Paco possono anche essere divertenti per una serata, ma non lasciano alcun segno.

Light & Magic (Emperor Norton, 2002) è ancora più dichiaratamente synth-pop e disco-music (Seventeen, Nuhorizons, Blue jeans, Re: Agents, Turn It On). In confronto gli Aqua sembrano Beethoven.

He Took Her To A Movie (che suona come The Model dei Kraftwerk), Commodore Rock e Playgirl sono i pezzi più orecchiabili sull’altrettanto trascurabile 604 (Emperor Norton, 2003).

Softcore Jukebox (Emperor Norton, 2003) è una raccolta di remix.

A human drummer made the sound of Witching Hour (Rykodisc, 2005) catchier but less danceable (the notable exception being the house orgy Destroy Everything You Touch). Thus Sugar, Beauty and International Dateline ignited a Copernican revolution in electroclash, basically closing an ephemeral fad. For Ladytron that meant a less bombastic and more personal style. The emotional peak was Fighting in Built Up Areas.

Extended Play (RykoDisc, 2006) compiles remixes and rarities.

Velocifero (Nettwerk, 2008) did not attempt any major move, contenting itself with delivering elegant and poignant constructs such as Black Cat, Runaway , Ghosts, Burning Up.

Best of 00 - 10 (2011) is a career retrospective. Compared to those songs, Gravity the Seducer (2011), sounded positively pointless.

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