Lazer Sword

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Lazer Sword (2010) , 6/10
Memory (2011) , 6/10

Lazer Sword, the project of San Francisco-based duo of producers Antaeus Roy and Bryant Rutledge, debuted dancefloor singles like the slow, warped, alienating Gucci Sweatshirt (2008).

The dance cauldron of Lazer Sword (Innovative Leisure, 2010) introduces experts in the assembly and deconstruction of sophisticated syncopated beats that only spiritually hark back to hip-hop music. The booming beat and synth decorations of Tar, the hiccupping clipped beats and cascading keyboard patterns of Agrokrag, the tapping and exotic Batman are violent, hysterical gestures directed at negative clubbers searching for extreme pulsations. The rest of the collection slows down considerably. This helps concoct the anthemic Fubu and the cartoonish Beast's Reprise, i.e. more "humane" tracks. The tracks with guest rappers fare a lot less well. Work in progress.

Classy and slick, Memory (2011) was a better and more eclectic implementation of the same ideas but confirmed that their hybrid synthetic style rarely coalesced in memorable structures (the single Sounds Sane, the Machinedrum collaboration CHSEN).

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